Notice something different? Mexigin is the only hand-crafted dark gin. This is not your grandmother's perfume. This is not just a summer drink. This is a whole new spiced gin experience you can enjoy year round.

Imagine sipping spiced gin over an ice ball with sliced filet mignon at your favorite steakhouse. Picture drinking spicy gin in front of the fireplace at the ski lodge. Envision drinking your classic margarita on the beach but with an extra spicy kick. This is Mexigin.

The Recipes

Mexigin® Negroni

Mexigin® Manhattan

Mexigin® Espresso

Mexigin® Mule

Mexigin® Margarita

Mexigin®Green Tea


Three reasons why your bar needs Mexigin® :

Year round demand

Drink Versatility

The economics

The Response

Mexigin is the only gin that spans all markets. From football and concert tailgates to steakhouses and martini bars. All age segments 21+ love the taste of Mexigin. Thank you for making Mexigin a hit.

Martini Bars

Sports Bars

Irish Bars


Tiki Bars

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Mexigin® cocktail versatility

Mexigin can replace vodka, bourbon, tequila, and rum in your favorite drinks. Give one of our recipes a try or invent your own.

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